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Rainbow Dash and Soarin' Chapter 3
"What?" Rainbow Dash asked, dazed. She heard the question, but didn't fully understand it.
"Would you like your own team? Of course, if you decline, you'll be on the Wonderbolts team, but this could open whole new possibilities for you." Swift replied, looking expectantly at Rainbow Dash.
"I d-don't know. Who would be on my team? Would I be captain? Would you be manager? And would I be rivals with the Wonderbolts?" Rainbow Dash stuttered, all her questions spilling out.
"Of course, these questions were to be expected. As for the first question, we would hold auditions for the finest young flyers in Equestria. For the other questions, all yes." Swift replied.
Rainbow Dash was still in shock, and she was trying her hardest not to be overwhelmed by how surreal it was. "I'm just not sure. I mean -" Dash was stopped mid-sentence, because the importance of this decision hit her. Her eyes welled up, and she felt like sobbing. Somehow, Rainbow Dash’s mind collected itself long enough for
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The Arcadia Family - Equestria's Finest
'1500 years ago to date, when Equestria was first brought together by our rulers, Celestia and Luna, the families of Chancellor Puddinghead, Princess Platinum and Commander Hurricane were invited to be part of the Royal family, as they were the ones who brought the three pony types altogether for Luna and Celestia to guide into working along side each other. When Countess Platinum - who had changed her title to prevent confusion - married Hercules Arcadia, who was an established gentlecolt, kind and giving, as well as intelligent, they decided to live a new life on the outskirts on Canterlot (which was the new city and home to the Princesses). Their magnificent home is still there today, known as Arcadia Hall.' Orion read out to his little brother, who was perched happily on top of the desk. The library at Canterlot castle was almost as big as Arcadia Hall's library. His great-times-something father prized knowledge and the knowledge he had, but even more so learning new things.
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Rainbow Dash and Soarin' Chapter 2
Flash returned to his desk on the opposite side of the room, becoming enraptured with his plan. Rainbow Dash finished hers quickly, and, after adjusting a few minor details, decided to explore.
After all, Dash thought, I'm not gonna have time to perform it now.
Making her way to the water fountain, Rainbow Dash stared in wonder at the beautiful hallways below the stands of the coliseum. Pictures of previous Wonderbolts hung up on the walls, framed in what looked like solid gold – Dash wondered if she'd ever be one of them, staring down at people who passed through these hallways. She was so busy taking in all of these things, that she didn't notice another pegasus going the opposite way. Unfortunately, they didn't notice Rainbow Dash, so the two ponies collided head on.
"Sweet, you're the one who won The Best Young Flyer Competition, right? The one who also saved our skins?"
Without looking up, Rainbow dash knew that voice belonged to a stallion – a Wonderbolts stallion. A vo
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Rainbow Dash and Soarin' Chapter 1
"Oh. My. Gosh!" Rainbow Dash squealed, attracting lots of attention from the other customers. Cloudsdale Market was full of pegasi ponies, searching for great bargains. Rainbow Dash wasn't usually one to be here, but apparently there was some 'beautiful fabric' selling at one of the stalls that Rarity so desperately wanted, so when she asked Rainbow Dash to get it for her, it was hard to say no. But now, any trace of fabric thoughts had vanished from Dash's mind, because all she could think about was the headline before her:
'Yesterday, Wonderbolts member Lightning Hooves announce his retirement, after sustaining an injury that will no longer allow him to perform dangerous routines and tricks the Wonderbolts and known for. The Wonderbolts have also announced that they are holding auditions for a new member.'
It was the last part of the smaller writing that caught Rainbow Dash's attention
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The Timekeepers - Chapter One (Part One)
Chapter One – The Labyrinth Warehouse (Part One)
As likely as it was, Fritz had decided against dying that day. Trouble had an awful habit of doing this; in fact, in the past month or two, he had almost been killed four times.
He cursed as heard loud and heavy footsteps approaching, and before he knew it, Fritz had bolted to the door. Luckily for Fritz' ego, the door was locked – when he had escaped, he would tell the tale of how he was nearly cornered by the enemy when he unlocked the door using his very special gift. Magic.
Flicking his wrist sharply, the door unlocked with a soft click – he only had a moment to celebrate his achievement before the footsteps grew much louder, and Fritz had to move. He felt the electricity of the sword (which had compacted to become the size of a twig) he had just taken tingle in his hand, but this was no time to admire the craftsmanship and the precision that had been needed to make the sword – not to mention a powerful wizard of
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Sophia Emmylstone
United Kingdom
I hope you're good, and stuff. Whatever.
Anyway, my life. It consists of bragging about the two years in Africa I spent although I can't remember any of it (probably because I was 1), being in an all girls school, short hair, wondering if I'll ever make it as an author, listening to angsty MCR songs and moaning about the judgmental girls in my school.
Yeah. It's not a bad life.
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So you know those times when you just can't stand your family? Yeah. I just had one of those, and now I'm here to help you if you need the help.
I'm gonna give you my situation:
On my mother's side of the family, I only have my grandmother (Nana) left. I'm the middle grandchild out of 3 because our family is quite small. The short way I like to describe my situation is that I have middle-grandchild-syndrome - I basically get treated not so well by my Nana. I don't know why, becuase I haven't done anything horrifically wrong (or that I know of) but nonetheless, it happens. Like for my birthday, I got a 1 bar off Aero Bubbles and a skipping rope from Tescos. For my younger brother's birthday, he got 2 expensive sets of Lego and money. See the difference? 

So, if you're anything like me, you will just want to go and cry into your duvet with your stupid socks while your cousins and siblings get expensive jewelry and lots of computer games.
And I'm here for you, dude, if you need it, just to listen. Because that's what sometimes makes you feel better. But if you don't want to, and think that my crappy advice is what you should take, here it is:

  • If they're insulting you in front of everybody else, don't walk away. From my experience, everybody then goes, "Well aren't they in a bad mood!" It sucks. Just bear it out, seriously. That sucks, too, but it's better then being mocked afterwards.
  • If you have to walk away, make a plausible excuse. Like, you need to get a glass of water or something. 
  • Insults in private are a bit harder to take. I wore my cream netting skirt with my combat boots the other day, and my Nana said, as we were alone in the sitting rooms, "Dear God, you look horrendous!" So if it's something like that, say: "It's super trendy right now, you know." Or if it's music, say "I think that they're very inspirational in their words and actions. The lyrical quality of their song offers an inspired inspection of the demise of the world." Something that won't make sense, but sounds so utterly middle-class, it's a perfect sentence.
  • A thing you could do is just ignore them. Simply ignore them. If they come over to your house, stay upstairs, or briefly say hello and excuse yourself with something about work/homework.
  • If everything else fails, start sniping back at them. Point out flaws of theirs. Your reputation as a good human being on God's list will slowly start to worsen, so you get sent to hell, but that's revenge for you. 
Aaannnddd...... that was my advice for ya'll! Have a happy second-day-of-summer-day!


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Here you go! I hope this has helped!
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Here it is:
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